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Ziba tejarat zarin arshia

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Sales consuler

In order to speed up the difficult way of production in the supply of equipment, raw materials and products

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Supply order

By checking and evaluating, based on the customer's need and production method, the best way and the best raw materials and product containers are suggested

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Post tracking

Follow-up and timely delivery of orders to customers to guarantee the production line schedule

Providing the best services to manufacturers and factories

We are one of the first companies in Iran in the field of hand glass and door production and supply of raw materials.
Zeba Tejarat Zarin Arshaya Company has stepped into the industry to help and speed up the production, to reduce the concerns of the producers, and we have tried to smooth the difficult path of production and product presentation as much as the company can.

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About us

Zeba Tejarat Zarin Arshiya company, with the aim of supplying raw materials and glass and containers for product storage, sees its mission in serving its customers with the best quality and quantity, so we are with our friends from production to product delivery to customers.